The Finest In Music For All Occasions

"Jeff Carmella" draws his musical influences and inspiration from all the very best music.  Including: roots rock, surf instrumentals, rockabilly, rock and roll, country, Latin, Brazilian, jazz, swing, blues and r&b.  It's hard to categorize his sound but the sole purpose of his musical expression is to create a unique sound that people will love to hear. 

Providing a variety of  lineups....solo, duo, trio, quartet, and larger combos (i.e. horn section, keyboards, etc.). 

Tailoring the music ensembles
size and set lists of various styles for the very best in music for all occasions is his specialty. 

Clubs, bars, restaurants, wineries, private parties, outdoor/indoor  concert events are all welcome venues for "Jeff Carmella"  to entertain or be background dinner music.

Serving the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC metro area and beyond !

In addition, please check out the ToneWorks page for amp and guitar repair services !

Here are some video links to see the band in action !


21 Feb 2020 - Mardi Gras Mask Dance Jam with Jeff Carmella Band

26 Feb 2016 - Gottaswing Jam with the Jeff Carmella Band

Jeff Carmella Band at Outta The Way Cafe

22 June 2018 - June Birthdays Dance Jam with the Jeff Carmella Band

30 June 2017 Red White Blue Dance Jam with Jeff Carmella Band

24 Feb 2017 - Gottaswing with the Jeff Carmella Band!

Jeff Carmella Band with Stephen Eckstrom

26 Feb 2016 - Jeff Carmella Band jamming late night !

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